WTS Celebrate Anniversary of Providing Transport to MS Society

WTS Celebrate Anniversary of Providing Transport to MS Society

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WTS wheelchair transport specialists this month celebrate 1 year of providing transport to the Eastbourne and South Wealden branch of the MS Society.

Twice weekly WTS transport wheelchair and non-wheelchair members from their homes to centres in Eastbourne and Polegate where they enjoy activities, social interaction and refreshments, before being returned home.

Loretta Lock, MS Day Services Co-ordinator commented: “Your service is always great and it is so much easier for us to be able to utilise your excellent, reliable service taking away a huge time and work commitment from us and allowing us to focus on supporting those with MS.

We have a committee meeting next week which gives me a great opportunity to forward your comments and add my own opinion regarding how smoothly and efficiently the transport arrangement is working.

I also appreciate the last minute cancellations or requests which you seem to manage for us and look forward to another successful year!”