Wheelchair Passenger Training

Posted on April 28, 2021at 6:09 pm

WTS prides itself on its comfort, safety and convenience for its wheelchair passengers.

In addition to all drivers undergoing training on the safety and security of passengers, drivers and escorts who transport passengers with specific disabilities are trained on potential emergency procedures which can potentially occur.

During April, Two drivers and an escort received in-house training, in conjunction with East Sussex County Council, on three topics:

Tracheostomy – Practical demonstration of oral suctioning competence (to enhance learning from previous tracheostomy training).

Gastrostomy – Theory in enteral feeding tubes and simulated competence on managing a dislodged gastrostomy.

Epilepsy – Awareness and seizure first aid. Competence in adminstration of buccal Midazolam.

Continued training in medical emergencies ensures our team are ready to cope with any eventuality during transportation.

WTS Celebrate Anniversary of Providing Transport to MS Society

Posted on October 17, 2017at 10:20 am

WTS wheelchair transport specialists this month celebrate 1 year of providing transport to the Eastbourne and South Wealden branch of the MS Society.

Twice weekly WTS transport wheelchair and non-wheelchair members from their homes to centres in Eastbourne and Polegate where they enjoy activities, social interaction and refreshments, before being returned home.

Loretta Lock, MS Day Services Co-ordinator commented: “Your service is always great and it is so much easier for us to be able to utilise your excellent, reliable service taking away a huge time and work commitment from us and allowing us to focus on supporting those with MS.

We have a committee meeting next week which gives me a great opportunity to forward your comments and add my own opinion regarding how smoothly and efficiently the transport arrangement is working.

I also appreciate the last minute cancellations or requests which you seem to manage for us and look forward to another successful year!”

Reminiscence Group Visit Bluebell Farm

Posted on April 20, 2017at 10:17 am

Wheelchair taxi visit to Bluebell walkA club from an Eastbourne independent living home had their first outing this year to the Bluebell Trail using WTS wheelchair taxi services.

A group of 13 residents and carers experienced a magnificent display of bluebells at Bates Green Farm in Arlington. One of the walks of 2/3 mile through Beatons Wood has been made suitable for wheelchair users and visitors can see white anemones followed by the vistas of bluebells, established over centuries.

Afterwards afternoon tea and cake was enjoyed by all before returning in our wheelchair accessible busses.

Manual Wheelchair Hire

Posted on April 14, 2017at 1:45 pm

WTS now have a manual wheelchair for hire to accommodate passengers who require use of a wheelchair at their destination. Contact us to find out more.

WTS Crew Take Tracheostomy Course

Posted on April 14, 2017at 10:51 am

One of the WTS crew has undertaken a Tracheostomy Basic Life Support course conducted by ACI Training and Consultancy.

This now means that the crew, an escort and driver, are able to cope with an emergency situation should this arise when transporting a client who has a tracheostomy. The nature of the condition means that a total blockage of a tracheostomy tube, which is an emergency situation, can be identified and emergency treatment administered until professional help arrives. Mark Lester said: “The course has proved invaluable in enabling our escort to handle and deal with an emergency situation. In addition, with a driver trained, it means that he can provide the necessary assistance to the escort, ensuring the client is treated quickly and effectively. The certification is further evidence of WTS’s commitment to the well-being of our clients.”